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ohmygeisha's Journal

29 October
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I love writing but don't do it enough. I need to restart documenting my life in a more meaningful way than just always stating what happened in the day (though me doing that is acceptable as well). I have made this new journal to hopefully inspire me to do so.

I've started but never finished tons of zines.

I am an insomniac in a sense, a night owl who is afraid of going to sleep sometimes.

My family is as dis-functional as a regular American nuclear family can get.

I am not going to keep my entries all friends' only, because then people can't decide if they'd like to be my friend as well.

In terms of spirituality, I am a deist. I believe in God and have religious beliefs. I just don't believe in organized religion as an institution. This is because I don't feel the need to belong and fit in with others in order to live a good life and have an afterlife. I also believe that my conscious is enough to keep me a good person so that I don't have to consult with a book all the time. I feel kind of weird going into depth on my livejournal bio about my religious beliefs, but I think it's kind of something that makes me unique.

I will add more to this later, if I ever remember to.
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