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June 2009

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"kids are dicks"-the sarah silverman program

As Sarah Silverman once said (though she was quoiting her father) "Kid's are DICKS!"
Actually, I'd like to ammend that to "People are DICKS"
I am not sure why I don't get along with most of the people in this world.
I am not sure why it seems like a constant fight.
I'm not sure why I seem like such a bad person to myself and apparently clash with so many people when I know in my heart I am a truly good person. God knows, too. Which may sound weird, but so what!

In less cryptic news, I forgot to take my medication (only one of them...fuck rite aid) and had super de duper withdrawal. Dizzyness, nausceau, chills, and shakes. reallllly bad. I was paralyzed pretty much. It got a little better after a nap.

When I was feeling less dizzy, I followed through on my plans with my old RIC friend (best friend there) that I met orientation day and was friends with until I left. It was three years since we saw each other but it felt like none. She's so great and I am so happy we hit it off that first day. We were giggling at Friendly's the whole time. She's a republican but I can strangely stand her. She was showing me her really awesome tatttoos!
yay :D one good thing about today <3

Otherwise, I am hoping I will get to see the boyfriend tomorrow night. I was supposed to see him today, but it fell through, which was just as well. We almost broke up though due to the lack of seeing each other. However, I later had a nice talk with him and felt better.

We'll see...