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June 2009

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SO! It's time to make a first post on my new journal.

As I said in my info, this journal name change is to inspire me to write more. Not necessarily simply what went on in my day---but the thoughts and ideas I have and deeper themes of my life.

I chose a name I like, not much significance to it except it's pretty and can be a second OMG, haha.

I dyed my hair purple recently. Dark purple. And the dye is ruining my life! It is all over my white computer, and everything I touch is stained, as well as my neck and body. :(

I am leaving hair school. I know I need to stick with something, but I think I should stick with a real education, not something like that. I am going to work first and foremost for a while, but also be going back to college and making my way towards a bachelors. I applied to the New England Institute of Art for Fashion Retail Management and...I can't afford it. I dunno, maybe if I go part time for a while after deferring. I am also looking into Simmon's adult learner program since I am an old fart when it comes to being a college student...and it might help with some of my issues. I should also do that psych rehab thing at BU wherever I end up going ...

I also think I have like, major seasonal affect disorder. It's dawned on me that I do this every year. I need to make drastic changes, get my sleep pattern all wack, and eat and eat. I long for the sun and warmth. Which is weird because I don't like the heat at all when it is here.

My five year high school reunion came and went. Oh man, bunch of drunkards. And such boring people overall. No unpredictabilty...no adventures...just more of the same.

I found out my best friend at RIC got married. Congratulated her on facebook. She said she misses me a lot (as I do too) and gave me her number. We have plans monday night yay.

I have a boyfriend but it doesn't feel like I do. It sucks. We never ever see each other. bah.  I want to be single, kind of.

New Years...I don't know what I will be doing but hopefully something interesting for once.