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June 2009

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I'm emo, except with a better soundtrack ;)

So I realize it's been quite awhile! hey!
I just need to gush in a journal about how awesome I am feeling/how awesome a first date I had Sunday night!
here is the blurb about the date:
he got to my house late because he lives in boston, and got lost because he isn't even from the boston area...we decided to go in my car, we had planned a sort of unplanned driving adventure...we went to look for coffee but the cool place i knew was closed already..we drove around barrington briefly, and then decided to go to thayer street near brown u, a crepe place was open so we got tea and crepes, walked around, then i went to wickenden street because i though there was a playground there and there was. we went on the swings, the jungle gym, and then started exploring...we wound up on the india point bridge which is a pedestrian bridge over i195. it was really cool and we watched cars go by, then walked down it and to the water...then walked back, to my car, and tried to figure out what to do next...we decided to go to my house, got beach blankets, and laid in the field listening to music on my computer...and we were making up what shapes and things the stars could be. we were kind of just looking at each other a lot, and then i was on my back and he was too and suddenly he was like, can you lift your head up? and he suavely put his arm around me...and then we were cuddling. and then he started shivering so i asked if he was alright, he was cold, so we went in my porch to continue listening to music, cuddling and kissing, then he wanted to see my beckoning cat collection in my room so we did, we wound up cuddling, kissing more, and watching amelie. then we went to ihop at 6am and had breakfast, then he drove me home and that was it.

On the couch, he was like "you look good, I mean I knew you'd look good, but you really do. I like your teeth, and your eyes, and your hair." then later: "I feel like a thirteen year old" (hahaha he sounded it too, his voice got a little shaky).

We have like two more dates planned for Friday and Sunday, oh man.

I just sent him a song on facebook...plastic stars by freezepop...and he texted me and this is how the conversation went:
him: hey I got your facebook thing, you're pretty incredible
me: You mean that in a good way, right? Hahaha
him: I mean it in the awesomest way possible
me: haha yay!
me: I think I am still blushing



ishita that's inappropriate, we did not!
haha. that's why I said it :P
Lol. I love your icon. House is my baby daddy. :)
thanks :)