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June 2009

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I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome today.
Apparently hardly anyone besides me that I know have heard of this disorder. Reid even went so far as to suggest it's some sort of sexually transmitted disease, ugh. If you don't know what it is, especially if you are a woman, I advise you to look it up! It will make you not seem like an insensitive ass when you encounter someone who has it (as far as I know it's pretty common). Here is the story of my diagnosis in case you are nosie :)
So I started seeing a gynecologist when I was 13 because I had severe menstruation trouble (had had my period for 2 years prior to this) and was placed on hormonal birth control. I did really good on it for a little less than two years and then they decided I should try to go off of it and see what happens because I was too young to be on birth control and wasn't sexually active. It didn't go very well by the time I was 15 because my period lasted around 3 months and I was anemic. By the time I went back on HBC I was also on a lot of other medications for depression, as well as migraines and gastrointestinal problems.

Though my doctors who treated me with my additional medications were aware of my hbc use and told me that my medications they prescribed may weaken the effect of my birth control. I told my gynecologist this to see what she thought, and she shrugged it off, she didn't really address it or confirm it or even look into it if she didn't know. So as I got older and sexually active I was always fearing this in the back of my mind...yet despite my fears, even with unprotected sex with a few boys I trusted a great deal, I never got pregnant, despite my hbc supposedly being weakened in effectiveness, and I always thought it was a bit strange.

Within the past couple of years (I'm 24 now) I was becoming increasingly worried that something was wrong with me gynecologically. The hbc i was on (no matter what pill I tried) was unreliable at best. I'd constantly have irregularities, bad cramps, and most recently, was noticing excess hair and acne in my hormone areas. I had never had acne problems before growing up so this was pretty devastating to me.

When I was pretty sure I had tried nearly every hbc pill form on the market, I started talking to my doctor about how I was concerned about Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. My mom also has a history of endometriosis, so I was worried about that too. I brought it up to my doctor and she of course dismissed it (noticing a trend now?)

The next time I tried to bring it up again, I talked to her assistant a bit about it. She was going to bring it up to her but I guess she forgot. So when my doctor said good bye to me I brought it up, and before I could even get out what I was going to address with her, all I said was "I'm worried about--" and she interrupted me and said "I know, you've told me about this before. And do you know what the treatment is? Birth Control. That, or having babies, as soon as possible." And that was when I knew she wasn't the right doctor for me! At that time I wasn't aware that if I was on birth control it may not show up in any diagnostic test, but I was at the time thinking to myself "how can a doctor be happy with just treating her patients and not finding out the root of the matter?"

The final straw that made me look for a new doctor (as if this wasn't enough) was when I was having my eyebrows waxed and was telling her about the hair I have recently been noticing on my face that is really embarrassing to me. She was like "you might have Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, I have that too." and I told her about the problems with my doctor and she was like "Is your doctor Dr. _____? She sounds just like my doctor!" and it turned out we both had the same doctor. She told me she's been seeing the doctor since she was 23 and that she is horrible (not sure why she sticks with her then, but oh well).

About a month ago I had an apointment with a new OBGYN. From the start I was so much more happy. I told her my history and everything, along with a med student (who was also really nice). And she decided to schedule me for comprehensive blood work and an ultrasound, though she didn't think she'd find anything like PCOS becauseI was already on HBC pills.

Today I had my ultrasound, and guess what!? She definitely was able to diagnose me with PCOS! It explains so much of what I have been dealing with. She believes that because of my other medications that the HBC pill was not as effective as it could be. She suggested I try the nuva ring because it won't have that interference. She said I can go on it continuously and gave me two packs of it. And depending on my blood work I may go on something for insulin regulation.

yay!! haha, I know it sounds weird but I'm actually happy to have a name with the horrible symptoms.